So thankful for the good things in life…

I’m thankful for the sunrise and sunset, for the colors of Fall, the bleak stillness of Winter Snow once it settles itself over the earth, for new life and the softness of Spring, and for the lush beauty of Summer in the South, the place I call home…

I’m thankful for children who love and forgive, who enjoy a popsicle on a hot Summer day and recognize it as the treat that it is!

I’m thankful for the sweetness of friendship and the kindness of words when spoken between loved ones to soothe and encourage.

I’m thankful for grace that covers our sin, for hope and for truth given by God to the souls of all who seek Him.

I’m thankful for warmth, for food, and for health, for love, for gentleness, and for peace.

I’m thankful for good thoughts, good companion for a long Winter’s night.

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