I have loved children forever. When I was just a little bitty thing myself I adored babies and nothing brought greater happiness to me than getting to spend time with them. I would carry them around when they weighed almost as much as I did and I was such a little mother, changing diapers and giving bottles, playing pat-a-cake.

Here I am 41 years old and my love for children has not diminished one bit. I often think of their innocent smiles and laughter, the trust that comes so easily, so naturally to them. I love that they express exactly what they feel, holding nothing back, and they love unconditionally, forgiving our failures without hesitation.

Most little ones love to be outdoors. I share the wonder they seem to have for the vastness of the sky stretched out above and the green that colors what lies beneath our feet. The flowers capture their attention as do the leaves, the wind, the butterflies and the birds.

Swinging on the front porch swing is still a joy to me, and I haven’t had a child come to visit that didn’t meander out for some time there too. The simple things bring joy to the innocent, the pure and the sweet. Singing songs, looking at books, taking a walk and noticing pebbles, rocks and a nice stream of naturally flowing water makes for a perfect time of pleasure for most all children, and for me.

I guess what I’m getting at is the contentment in the blessings of life that young children seem to enjoy, still connected to innocence and newness of life. OH, if only we take the time to notice the continual blessings that surround us, maybe we too, even as adults, can again live in a state of simple contentment. Surely there is plenty over which to be content.

I think of sharing the joys of life with those we love and the brightness and goodness that we have as a result of relationship. We are not alone. God is with us and He has given us others to love and others to return our love.

May we find it in our hearts to connect to what is good and steadfast, to bask in the joy of thanksgiving for the gift of innocence that enriches our lives through the presence of children. I think we glimpse a little of life before the fall of man when we are in the presence of childlike innocence.

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