Shortest Noah blog ever…

We heard a group singing “My God is a Mountain Mover” on Sunday night and Noah loved the song. I bought a CD with that song on it and he has asked to listen to it every day, especially in the mornings on the way to school. We talked about God truly being able to move mountains and I can see Noah’s little mental wheels turning when we talk about God and HIs power…it’s a delightful thing to watch settling over His mind.

So…five days into first grade and every day Noah has struggled with being quiet. It is a HUGE challenge for my little guy to be still and quiet, especially quiet. He LOVES to talk and to engage in conversation. He doesn’t hear without wanting to question or comment so you can imagine his struggle being in school for a full day. And Lord bless his dear, kind teacher!!!

So…this morning Noah prayed before he got out of the car at school. He asked God to help him today, told the Lord he loved Him, and then said, “and please move my mountain.” I asked “what is your mountain Noah?” And he replied, “talking.” My boy, my boy, my sweet, precious boy!!! Gotta love him 🙂

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  1. Connie Gibson says:

    Oh that was certainly my mountain in school – every single report card had “talks too much” on it. I just couldn’t help it so…… what did God do for me? He gave me the career of being a teacher, so now I get PAID to talk the entire class period:) Isn’t he a wonderful God! Maybe Noah will become a teacher? BTW I still say little prayers for the teachers I had in school and hope they are well and happy and know that I loved them very much.

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