Noah’s first day of first grade…

As Noah and I sat in his bedroom floor reading together yesterday afternoon, I was quite happy to note we have indeed accomplished much of what we set out to at the beginning of Summer. I wanted him to gain confidence with reading, and he has done that. I wanted him to recognize some of the gifts he has and some things he needs to work on. We’ve made progress with that. I wanted him to enjoy himself, relax, be happy and carefree during the long and lazy days of Summer, and indeed, he did! He made strides in becoming comfortable in the pool, and he is also now able to rip through the yard on his “bike” and peddle with the best of them. Much has been accomplished!

I hoped Noah would be happy to begin first grade and all seemed to be going well all the way up until he fell asleep last night. Upon awakening at 6:30 this morning, I feared we might have hit a snag. He called me into his room where I found him with a very sad look, chin drawn into a little pucker and watery eyes. He asked if I would lie down with him and I said, it’s time to get up, but you can have your puppy lie with you for just a few minutes while I finish getting ready if you would like. He greeted his puppy and tucked him in close. Immediately, all sadness seemed to just melt away and peace settled in right where the sadness had only moments before occupied. My mothering heart was wonderfully relieved.

I called him to join me after only a few minutes and he came strolling in saying, “good grief, we didn’t get up THIS early before!” I assured him, “we did,” and he didn’t mention another word about the time. He was glad to see he could wear his P.E. uniform on day one as he loves to be comfortable and he said, “we’ll get to run and play at P.E.!” He ate his bagel while I fixed his lunch and was his usual jovial little self. He underwent my picture taking with a good-natured attitude and enjoyed our ride to school with praise music and sunshine.

He was smiling as he entered the school and saw Mrs. Payne greeting the children as they entered the lunchroom for their morning gathering. I left him there with a consoling peace knowing he is in a safe and loving environment where he can learn and grow with other little ones he calls “friends.”

What a blessing it is to have a loving place that welcomes and encourages children with gentleness and care as they learn and grow in these precious early years.

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