Words…exposing the heart

Three words I hope to never say and more importantly to never mean are the words “I don’t care.” Without care, without concern, the negative impact my words will have, the damage I may do, is limitless. It is care that prevents me from speaking before I think, from acting defensively and offensively when feeling hurt or criticized. Without care, I cannot love. Without love, I can do no good whatsoever.

When I find myself running low on care, it is past time to fall on my knees and ask God to change my heart and renew my mind. When I begin to think of myself as better than or above others, it is then I have truly sunk to a dangerous low.

By grace alone, I find favor in the eyes of the Lord. In humility, I must remind myself daily that it was my sins as much as the sins of any other that my precious Lord took to the cross in His death so that I might have a covering, forgiveness, and cleansing from sin and be granted freedom for all eternity.

My faculties that allow me to walk and talk and think well now could fail at any time. The financial blessings that afford me such a comfortable existence could be stripped away in days or less. The very breath that sustains my life could be taken away and I would find myself “in the twinkling of an eye” facing eternity, and the only hope I have of glory is in the name of Jesus Christ. I cannot look to one accomplishment, achievement, or any good works to give me strength to face that hour, only the gift of salvation will give me safe passage into an eternity of peace and love.

“May I live as one who has been forgiven,” and may genuine love and humility be the cloak within which I am wrapped as I take each remaining step in this life.

1 Corinthians 13:1 “Though I speak with the tongue of men or angels, and have not charity (love), I am become as brass or a tinkling cymbal.”

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2 Responses to Words…exposing the heart

  1. beth warner says:

    That “caring” is often what causes us such heartache as we see others suffer , whether by their own choosing, or just the struggles that come with life. But without love and care, it is impossible for us to even resemble Jesus! The song Elizabeth blessed us with yesterday at church…You love me anyway…how powerful that grace is ! For I was Judas’ kiss, the one who mocked Him, for He took my awful sins on His precious body, with the greatest of care, and loved me anyway. The depth of His love and care that led to so great a sacrifice on my behalf is beyond comprehension!!

  2. Karen says:

    I am behind on reading all your posts, Andrea. Glad I came here tonight to read this latest one. Thanks for sharing your heart. As always, I am blessed by what the Lord gives you to share.

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