Embarrassment at the grocery store!

After going to get the oil changed in my car this morning, I headed to the grocery store alone and before I pulled onto the street my phone rang. So…talking on the cell phone I proceeded to the store. Off the phone, “whew I can breathe again and relax” I thought, appreciating the time to myself to be able to pay attention to the task at hand without the usual interruptions of young children.

Not much farther along into my little shopping excursion, my cell phone rang again, another call I didn’t feel right about ignoring. So again I answered and continued to shop while trying to coherently discuss with my caller the issue that prompted the call.

Rounding the end of isles while managing to avoid collisions with the many other Saturday shoppers and holding the phone to my ear; trying also to remember what to select and place inside my buggy…finally, my call ended and once again, I took a nice, long deep breath and thought, “ahhh, now I can get this done!”

I made it to my favorite section…fresh fruits and vegetables! I went immediately to the strawberries and selected the biggest, reddest, most perfect ones I could find and turned ever so graciously and leaned over to place them inside my cart only to look up into the smiling face of a stranger who kindly said, “this is my cart.” Stunned and oh so embarrassed I felt my heavy hands being lifted to cover my blushing face while apologies slipped through my lips and landed in the ears of those around me. Onlookers smiled and laughed and one chuckling shopper called, “you’re not the only person who has ever done that!”

Afterwards the consoler in the crowd came over and extended his hand and he and his wife both introduced themselves while I did the same. We had a funny little chat about other embarrassing moments of recent days, one of mine being only this past Tuesday when I showed up at a birthday party with Noah exactly one week early! OH this life of mine is quite a bit to handle. I’m glad I can laugh at myself and that I find congenial others along the way who will laugh along with me making for lighter, brighter days. I love these moments of running into other folks in unexpected circumstances and sharing enjoyable moments together. Good-natured, friendly folks make the world seem such a warm and good place to be.

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1 Response to Embarrassment at the grocery store!

  1. Mimi says:

    I thought a guy was stalking me in the grocery store one time until he said, “I think you have my cart!” I felt so stupid. lol

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