More on life with Noah…

I lie down with Noah for a little while each night. We pray together and we spend a little time talking. Sometimes we listen to music, much of the time I read to him.

He often asks me to pray about something specific and sometimes I share something that I’m going to pray specifically about before we begin as I did last night. I was telling him about a child in our community who was severely injured in an accident very recently. We don’t personally know the child, but the family’s need was weighing on my heart and I knew if I didn’t fill Noah in on some of the details before I began to pray he would most likely interrupt to ask questions because I simply don’t think the child can hold his burning questions inside for very long or he might actually burst!

So, I shared a little bit with him. I answered his questions as best I could and at one point, he just dropped his little head in silence. We prayed together for the little child and his family and Noah was still and very quiet as we prayed which is not always the case. Afterwards, he had more questions. Then after a little bit of what I could tell was some serious pondering he asked, “can I send a card, draw a picture and put it inside, and maybe a little cross?” I said, “sure.” He then asked about sending some art supplies so the child could have something to do. I explained he wasn’t able for that right now, and he asked, “well could we at least send some crayons and a note that says, for when you are better?”

I wanted to handle those precious moments carefully as I was so encouraged to see Noah’s tender heart at work, devising good plans to encourage someone in the midst of a struggle. He lay there beside me for the longest just thinking and sharing ideas. He then mentioned those folks at the nursing home with “PaPaw” and asked if we could send some notes and drawings to them as well. He said, “it might make them feel better, right?”

I waited a little bit and I said, “you know what Noah, I think you are an encourager.” He asked what that meant and I explained, as best I could, exactly what that meant and related it to his desire to help others by letting them know he cares. I told him about Barnabas in the scriptures and he asked, “he was in the Bible so I guess he isn’t living now…” I said, “correct.” He asked if I knew any encouragers who are alive now, and I shared a few names with him and he smiled and said, “can we ask them to send cards and things to that little boy we are going to send things to? They will probably want to, right?” I answered, “I’m sure they will.”

I lay there pondering right alongside Noah and then I said, “you know what Jesus said? One of the very important things He said in only three words, Love One Another…that is what you are doing when you encourage, you are loving them.” Noah smiled and echoed the words, “Love One Another…”

I was so encouraged by our conversation, by Noah’s tenderness toward someone he knows is suffering, by his desire and willingness to help, and by the energy that accompanied his desire. I thought, “I am witnessing the beginnings of something wonderful that I pray lasts a lifetime…” Please, all of you who read these words, pray with me that Noah will ALWAYS have this love and tenderness and desire to love, to help, to encourage, and to do it faithfully throughout his life. That is my heart’s desire for him, that he knows God’s love and shares it to the fulfillment of God’s Will all his days on earth.

My heart was full as I fell asleep with hope for much good to come.

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