My birthday…

Goodness, it seems the years are passing more quickly the older I get, but I have to say that with every year I find greater happiness, more contentment, and an overarching hopeful and positive attitude. The Spirit of thanksgiving is a constant companion as I’ve come to see clearly the blessings that abound in my life. I have wonderful friends, a family I love and who love me, a peaceful, happy, safe home, work that I love, and most importantly, the peace of God and with God daily in my heart and mind.

I’ve said many times here in my blog that peace was not always present in my life. In fact, for many, many years my mind was riddled with confusion and my days were plagued with guilt, shame, and fear. I was continually in a state of anxiety and that is a horrible way to live. Over the course of time and through a long and tedious process I find myself in this place of peace, even joy. God has brought me to this place with His great love and guiding Hand.

How blessed, how thankful, how relieved I am to live in peace. I don’t mean to sound as if there are no struggles in my life because of course there are struggles for me as well as for everyone from time to time, but struggles and trouble that don’t overwhelm, that don’t render me feeling unable to cope, these are bearable and are held in proper perspective.

There is a settling that has occurred with age as if a raging storm has passed and left a calmness and a gentleness that makes waking up in the mornings a welcome gift. I no longer dread my days as I did in the past. I expect to see good things, to embrace love and to walk in light, in a steadfast assurance that in the grand scheme of life and eternity all for me is well.

I was thinking yesterday as I often do of the things I enjoy the most in life. I’ll share a few here with you today as I take into account what comprises my days and fills my life with this joy I’m speaking of with a grateful heart this morning.

Here goes…I LOVE to see the sunrise each morning, hear the birds singing, see the new petals unfolding in my roses, watch Riley run and watch his little feet as if what they are doing is a marvel to him, see Noah laugh and giggle as he watches my reaction to something outlandish he has just said, the feel of those precious little boy arms curling around my neck when a sleepy child wants to fall asleep in safe, loving arms, rocking Riley while he looks at me as if trying to memorize my face and the moments we share…seeing Erick smile before the sun comes up while he gets ready for a day of fishing on the lake and watching him try to hide his smile when Noah is delighting him and knowing he is astonished to finally have a son, reading God’s Word and finding comfort and assurance from the steadfastness of promises that are extended to me in grace that abounds beyond my comprehension, having love in my heart with no ill will toward anyone and knowing that has not always been true…having friends who know me completely and love me anyway…reading good books that challenge my thinking and expand my understanding of the world, falling asleep with ease in complete exhaustion in a comfortable place called home…laughing, smiling, talking, teaching, dreaming, learning, praying, trusting…being Mama, wife, sister, aunt, Granny and friend…all of these things I love and I hope reading this gives you thoughts of what makes your life so very precious to you!

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3 Responses to My birthday…

  1. jamie howell says:

    Well done, Sister. I was of the opinion that the apostile Paul wrote the longest sentences in the Bible in Ephesians chapter 1. You gave him a run for his money in your last paragraph. I just love to read your writings and also those of Paul. Your words cause me to think, reflect, and give thanks, and I believe that is how you intend them. These are all good things. We all have so much to be thankful for.

    As I see it though, it is our outlook on life that changes, through God’s santification process in us and through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in us, His children. But again, that is your entire point, true? If we focus completely on the negitive, life can be tough. When we focus on Him and all He has done for, and our future with Him, things don’t seem all that bad. Thanks for all you do and how you do it. These things do help many folks in thier process of finding God and growing in Him.

  2. Caleb Cox says:

    Good Blog Post! 🙂

  3. andreastiles says:

    Thank you so much sweet Jamie. You are a dear friend and you see my heart quite clearly. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my words and to encourage me with your own! And yes, I can run on sentences, on and on and on. WooHoo, I don’t lose points for it anymore either!!!

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