Happy Birthday Noah…A year in review…

Today is Noah’s 6th birthday. He woke early to my singing “Happy Birthday” to him and climbed out of bed smiling on his way to the living room to find a present. There he found a real Indian Teepee…His face was bright and joyful as he said, “ohhh, thanks Mom!”

As I always do at birthdays, I’ve been tracing my memories this morning. The past year has been filled with laughter and sweetness as have all the previous ones we’ve been blessed to share with Noah. He has been a continual blessing and I didn’t want to let this morning go by without thanking God for allowing us these precious years with our son and so I thanked Him with grateful heart.

Noah is always in motion and I can almost see the thoughts swirling in his little mind as I look at him from moment to moment. I never have to wait too long to hear what he is thinking because he readily shares it with his words that seem to form without effort in a perpetual stream. Don’t get me wrong, I love to hear my sweet boy talk, but my ears do tire from the abundance of hearing he daily requires! 🙂

For many years I thought I would go back to school and get a PhD once Heather graduated from High School, but once we found out a little one was coming into our hearts and home I decided that would most likely not occur. I’ve lovingly said many times, “I spell my PhD NOAH.” I thought I was kidding, but let me just say it wasn’t the joke I once thought it to be. Noah asks so many questions and causes me to stop and consider, to think about things that I might otherwise never have done. He has spawned at least as much deep thinking in me as a PhD program ever could and has brought far more enrichment to my daily life…I am truly blessed beyond measure!

Some of the recent questions Noah has asked…”What is gravity? Can you tell me what Kilowatt means? How does radar work? Is The Lord’s Holy Mountain in Jerusalem, and is that Heaven or is Heaven up in the sky? Did Jesus forgive Judas after Judas was so sorry for what he had done that he wanted to die and even killed himself? Tell me all the names of the bad armies and the good armies in the world. Are storms good for plants? Why do we have to have storms?”

When I say I don’t know in response to one of Noah’s inquiries he is quick to say, “well look it up in the dictionary or the encyclopedia or on the computer!” He finishes most sentences with, “right Mom?” Always loving my agreement.

Recently he asked me to buy him a huge sticker book. He loves those things and they keep him very busy for hours at a time. After making our purchase, he looked up to me and said, “you’re going to get some quiet time out of this aren’t you mom?” To which I had to smile lovingly and hope the true answer to the question would be “yes.”

When he walked into the kitchen this morning I said to him, “well, you are six now.” He smiled and said, “you mean I am right now?” He has been very focused on the exact time of his birth which was 5:16am, so I was able to answer, “yes, you are already six, now.” He smiled a little and asked, “am I taller?” I took a good look at him and said, “I believe you are.” He pumped his little fist and said, “YES!”

So another Noah story has been logged and I am to pick him up in just a little while for an afternoon of play at home with me while we wait on Dad to get home and Heather and Riley to come for a birthday meal and a few more presents to open. A lovely day marks another year we celebrate the joy we call Noah in our hearts and in our home.

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