Easter butterflies…

If you read my blog regularly, you know about Noah’s recent anxieties mostly coming from his stage of development that has him thinking about things more and recognizing some of the difficult realities of life. Of course as his parents, Erick and I are working hard to help him see the good realities while he is working to manage learning about the others.

One of our recent endeavors came from Noah seeing a commercial on television advertising growing your own butterfly garden. He was jumping up and down in front of the television one day saying, “look Mom, if you call right now you can get 10, not just 5, butterflies for the same price, but you have to call right now!!!”

I decided maybe this would be just the thing to get him thinking about good, hopeful things in a very personal and tangible way. So, I got out the trusty credit card and dialed the number on the screen while Noah continued to bounce in front of me asking, “did they answer, will we really get to have 10 instead of just 5?” When I began to speak into the phone, his delight was evident. He continued to pace around grinning while I made the purchase. He wasn’t too happy to find out they wouldn’t be delivered that day, or the next. It would take up to a week, but it was something fun to look forward to and he did indeed await their arrival with anticipation, frequently asking, “when will they be here?”

So they came in about a week’s time, and Noah wasn’t very excited to see the dirty looking little containers with some awfully pitiful looking little caterpillars inside, but I opened the enclosed poster with pictures of what those caterpillars would soon become and his excitement surfaced again, only with a little doubt around the edges of his smile. I told him we had to be VERY careful with the containers and keep a close check on their progress to give the little creepy crawlies a chance at life with wings.

Sure enough, within a few days the little creatures had made their journey upward and become very still; attached to the top of the containers to begin their transformation into beauty. Noah was perplexed by the changes and we checked daily to see what was happening. I was sure to tell him that although it seemed nothing was going on with those lifeless looking chrysalises, a great deal was taking place and we would soon get to see the result of what looked like a deep and lifeless sleep.

On Easter eve, our first butterfly emerged after much vigorous shaking and breaking free. The colors of those little delicate wings were brilliant and had not been visible until spread in the presence of light. How beautiful…

By Easter evening we had 5 butterfly beauties and by the following evening we had 9. 9 of 10 made the transforming journey to flight and are now brightening our days with their presence in their lovely little tent. We are feeding them sugar water on rose petals and orange juice from a soaked tissue (according to instructions.) Amazing to watch them take in their nourishment and become so active after eating. It has been an amazing adventure for all of us. Riley even loves them, calling them “flies.”

I love that our butterflies came out over the Easter weekend. Gave me much food for good thoughts about how God speaks truth to us even through nature if we will only look and see; such beauty, such transformation, such life!!!

We will set the nine precious gifts free this week and will no doubt take pictures so that we can have a tangible reminder of what it was like to witness such wonder.

I hope if you haven’t taken time to watch nature closely and see God’s handy work that you will. There is something so comforting in seeing the great care He has taken to create and oversee all there is in our world. He is ever present watching over all He has made!

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