How do you teach TRUST?

In recent days Noah has brought several worries and anxieties to me, those that are difficult to brush away. He has been such a happy, exuberant, and joyful child that it saddens me to see him struggle. Oh for the most part, he is still his joyful little self, but in those moments when the clouds of worry overshadows him, it hurts my heart. I’ve spent time telling him about faith, about Jesus and how Jesus demonstrated His power over the wind and the sea, over disease and all manner of fearful things and how Jesus told His disciples to “trust.”

One particular night when a storm blew up, Erick and I cuddled on Noah’s bed with him. As he clung to his daddy giving rapt attention to the sounds of wind and thunder, I shared with him the time when Jesus was asleep in the boat and a storm blew up on Him and the disciples and the disciples panicked and rushed to Jesus in fear. Jesus calmly rose and said to them “oh ye of little faith” as He went to speak to the wind and sea, calming them all instantly with His Word.

Calming them with His Word. Is that not the way we learn to trust, by learning His Word and believing it, living by it, loving it? I believe it is. I know it takes time and it takes effort. We are told to seek the Lord and we are told to study, both require effort and commitment.

Noah quickly calmed and fell asleep after I told him the story so suited for such a time as the one we were experiencing. The next day he was fresh and new again as if the storm or the worry that it brought had never occurred. This doesn’t mean that no more fears or worries will come about as new storms blow our way, but now we have a place to go back to, a place to find shelter and safety, the truth of Jesus’ authority over the storms and His command to us to trust in Him and His power.

I’ve been particularly comforted this week by two verses in Ephesians. Chapter 6:10 says, “…be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might.” and verse 22 struck me personally when I read Paul’s words telling the people that he was sending Tychicus to let them know what all was happening with him, “and that he might comfort your hearts.” What a message…those who love Christ as Paul did are concerned for the hearts and minds of others. He was sending his dear brother to minister to them, to give them information they longed to have about him and “to comfort their hearts.” We, too, should be interested in comforting the hearts of others. This is strongly on my mind as I go about my days teaching my dear students as well as caring for my family and friends.

There is so much burdensome news in the world, so much suffering, heartache, and anguish. Some is personal and private but can be seen written on the faces of people as they go about their daily lives. Some is evident, open and easily understood as in the case with those dear people in Japan, but ALL of the suffering we should have concern for and do our best to comfort the hearts of those who hurt.

If nothing else, we can daily offer loving relationship and kind words to others as well as pray to the God of all Grace for the comfort of His Spirit to be poured out on all who suffer.

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