Another day with my boy…

I dropped Noah off at school at 8 and picked him up just after 12. I told him we needed to go to Walmart to get cards and a present for his Daddy’s birthday which is today. He was immediately interested in what he might get for himself while we were there as well and I made it clear this was a trip for his dad’s present and for groceries. He made some very good arguments as to what would be a reasonable and inexpensive treat for himself as we continued on our drive to the store. I decided after learning his snack at school today was a cupcake for a birthday celebration that we should get some lunch before venturing on. We shared a piece of pizza and each had a sprite and then went on to look for Erick a gift.

We fairly easily picked out some neat little fishing baits while Noah excitedly exclaimed over one and then another and another, “wow, these will catch some big ones!” After the selection was made we went on to get cards and Noah spotted one with a man walking along beside a little boy carrying a fishing pole, and a fish and he said, “that’s the one from me.” Then he saw one with a cross above it and said, “that should be the one from you, Mom.” So amazing what all they see and learn without our realizing it is even happening.

We did agree that Noah could pick one thing for himself which turned out to be a little pack of 4 dirt bikes with their riders attached. He said, “these are plastic so they can go underwater and not rust.” That means he is planning on some big fun in the tub next time I insist he take a bath 🙂

We picked up a small cheesecake and made our way to the checkout where I couldn’t stop myself from turning some of the magazines around backwards to keep my little boy’s eyes from seeing seductive women scantily dressed peering from the covers. He was busy playing with an etch-a-sketch he had found in the isle and I was glad he hadn’t noticed what had caught my eye. Earlier while I was in the cosmetic isle picking up some lipstick he had said, “Mom, look at that girl in the picture! See her dark red lips, you sure don’t want to look like that!” I agreed and made sure my selection was soft and natural to keep my little guy well pleased.

Once home, I immediately set him up at the kitchen table to begin his homework while I put away the groceries. He alerted me on the way home that he has a new hole in the khakis he is wearing, one of two pair remaining that didn’t have a hole…so as I put away the groceries I added to my list of things to do today paying a little online visit to Land’s End to make another purchase. This little chore is what brought me to the computer and as I’m prone to wander, here I am on my blog sharing about another day being Mama to Noah. Once downstairs he went into the bathroom and from there called to ask, “Mama, does the toilet sometimes make a burping noise?” To which I had to laugh and smile and then to share with you the joys and smiles he brings.

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