Daffodils in the storm…

I recently transplanted some daffodils and have so enjoyed watching them bloom out front. Noah was with me when I dug the unblooming stems up and then placed them in newly dug ground. He seemed to wonder at it all, just short green stems, then as they budded and bloomed he saw the beauty and gained an understanding of my willingness to do the work. We’ve watched their progress day to day over the last week or so and then yesterday afternoon as the wind howled across the ridge we looked out to see our newly blooming daffodils being tossed about and drenched with pelting raindrops the size of peas!

Poor little Noah was so disturbed by the roaring wind and booming thunder. Last year the house next door caught fire during a thunderstorm and he hasn’t forgotten. He said, “Mama, sometimes houses catch fire during storms and we might get a blackout too!” I decided to take him and Riley downstairs into our finished basement so at least the storm wouldn’t be so loud. Noah looked out the french doors and tears began to puddle up and then spill over his sweet little cheeks.. He looked to me and said, “pray now Mama, okay?” Of course we bowed our heads together and I asked the Good Lord to watch over us through this storm and all others, to keep us safe and those we love. I sat and held Noah on my lap while Riley toddled around seemingly unaffected by the sights and sounds of the weather. I reminded Noah that all was well within our home and that God was still in control just the same as when the sun is shining. Within just a few minutes, Noah said, “I have a praise…I’m feeling better.” So precious the things they learn to say in Christian school. He has learned that we should thank and praise God just as we should pray.

Later on I also thought it would be good to share with Noah that I pray for God’s protection over us and our home when there are no storms in sight and that I recall those prayers and am comforted when the storms do come our way hoping he will remember that in times to come and do the same.

This morning we awoke to clearing skies and calm weather. I noticed as we pulled out of the garage that the storm tossed daffodils were already raising their pretty little petals back toward the sky. I pointed them out to Noah and we talked about how God made them and so many things to endure the storms, even those things that appear so fragile. I took a few minutes to myself in thought pondering how we, too, are made to endure the storms and hardships of life and to continue to bloom and to turn our faces heavenward again and again. So many good thoughts when we look at how God made this world and the things He created for us to see. May we always look to see His Hand in our days and find the Hope that He offers.

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1 Response to Daffodils in the storm…

  1. Carol Garrett says:

    This is so true. Storms may come, but God will sustain, protect and strengthen His children. Seems we are in a storm right now, but there is comfort in knowing God is in control. Love you sweet friend.

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