I must be missing my girl…

Yesterday I happened to be in our living room just as the school bus climbed past our house. I looked through the window and was transported back in time to what seems like such a short while ago, when a sweet little blonde haired girl would amble down the bus steps with her little glasses on and her book bag draped across one shoulder. I would look for her with expectancy each day and find her there coming home to me in a time that seemed would go on forever. How swiftly time flew by and took her away.

Today I noticed the pretty little girl dresses being put on display for Springtime and Easter in the local shops and again I remembered back. When Heather was small, I always looked for just the right one for my own little flower of a girl. This morning I allowed myself to go over and pick them up, the ones I just might have chosen for her. I noticed another mother watching me as I looked and I said “my girl is too old for this, she’s twenty-three now and a mother herself.” She shook her head in understanding just as a younger woman looking very similar to her approached.

I then went over to see the little boy outfits marveling again at the unexpected gifts and joy of the little ones who are now often under our roof. Noah often calls from his bedroom at night just as Heather did needing a little something to drink or to tell me something too important to hold until the morning.

How similar and yet how different it is to parent this time around. And then there’s Riley. Could my heart possibly hold more love? Precious children, so different, little boys are from the little girls. My boys want even more interaction than did the girls and the energy they bring into the house is beyond what I can begin to grasp! By the end of the day, this Granny Mama is ready for the recovery work of deep sleep…smiles…

I can’t imagine life without any one of these my children. The lessons I’ve learned, the joys and struggles we’ve shared have all given me much for which to be thankful and have drawn me so much closer to the heart of the Lord. Raising children, for me, has brought to light those things that matter most and has challenged me to grow beyond what I could ever have imagined. I often look in wonder at Noah as he sits at the ottoman in the living room late in the evenings working on his art while Erick and I relax from the long day. I can’t help but think of what we would have unknowingly missed had the Good Lord not given us this precious gift of a son. I often look to Erick in these times and say “what would we have done without him.” He simply smiles and shakes his head, then without fail says, “I love my boy.”

I guess it’s easy to tell by reading my blogs that I have difficulty grasping the reality of the swift passage of time and the major changes and adjustments it requires. Thankfully, I have these two precious boys to keep me smiling and looking forward to more innocent days of childhood. I thought how precious it is that they are so easily satisfied and how I wish it would stay that way. I took them by McDonald’s drive-thru yesterday for lunch and it made their day. They looked at one another with happy smiles as they ate their chicken nuggets and fries and Noah could hardly wait to open the tonka toy truck that was included in his happy meal. I’ve started ordering happy meals for me too so we get an extra toy each time and that makes for even more enthusiasm. Ohhh, if life could only remain so simple!!!

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