Daily tending and joy…when unseeing eyes fail to see His glory

So many thoughts this morning, I hardly know where to begin! I often find my mind returning to comments I’ve heard in recent days as an experience of my own connects in some way to what I’ve heard. Someone recently shared with me that they feel little joy and so my heart and mind respond…

As I came back home this morning from taking Noah to school and descended down the stairwell, I noticed the sunlight just pouring in through the windows on the front of the house and brightening all the way into the downstairs. Amazing what light can do…it removes the covering of darkness so that our eyes can see!

I thought of the joy I often feel when seeing with my own eyes the works of God’s hands. I look to the sunrise each morning and to the sunset each evening, always remembering that it is He who has done it, who has given the day and stretched out the very heavens above and painted the beauty. Wow…that gives me joy!

In addition to the awe I feel when blessed to observe God’s glory as it is revealed in His creation, I feel great joy when I have food to feed to my children; joy, peace, and overwhelming thankfulness to have good food and pure water to give to the mouths of my babes! Knowing their little bellies are filled with warmth and goodness so they can be content and grow…JOY, yes, it gives me GREAT joy…

I’ve thought so much, too, about the daily tending of a home. It never stops, really, does it? I wash and I straighten, clean and pick up, get the food out, prepare, serve, clean up, and again and again and again we go with all the daily tending in the home. Then I compare that to the spirit inside our bodies. Is it not true as well that we must forever tend to that which matters most, the condition of the heart? Must I return again and again to God’s Word to feed and to fill me as well to lead, guide and direct me, and yes…also for comfort and for courage? Prayer is a necessary continual daily tending to hearten the spirit and cultivate the soul.

I see a connection between the perpetual movement of the light of day and the daily, continual tending required in all of life. We are made to tend, to live, to grow, to work, to serve and as we go about our daily tending we see that God Himself is ever busy at work, watching over all He has made as well His Word to perform it. That sweet simple scripture that says “This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it” Psalm 118:24 is a reminder to us that He is with us, the Maker of the day, and therein is plenty to be found for rejoicing.

I so often think in light of who God is “what is man, that thou art mindful of him?” Psalm 8:4a Yet, He is ever mindful of us and He displays His mindfulness through His faithful mercies each and every day, if only we will open our eyes to see. Do we look for Him? I wonder how many unseeing eyes fail to see His glory when it is stretched out before them across the whole earth.

I pray for those who have no joy that they too may find it in the Lord who loves us all with an everlasting love and bids us to come to Him and find rest, peace, and joy in the gift of His Dear Son.

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