When little ones are sick…

The bustling days with children running and jabbering ceaselessly through the house requiring energy most adults seem to lack comes to a screeching halt when illness strikes, whether brief or prolonged. Suddenly we find them quiet and still and find ourselves yearning to hear their usual sounds, to see those swift little feet pattering on the move again. We quickly long for the need to attend to their busyness when in place of it is a far more tedious demand. We watch the clock for the next time we can give a medicine we hope will bring relief. We listen for any sound, any sign that we are needed to do something, anything, just to make them feel a little bit better.

When Heather told me Riley had RSV, I immediately recalled the many times she was sick as a child. She was quick to run high fevers accompanied by vomiting and could go from seemingly being just fine to being quite ill in a matter of minutes. So many trips to the doctor, rounds of antibiotics and other medications, and so many long, sleepless nights.

Noah had RSV at 5 months and was very sick for several days and then had asthma attacks and bouts of croup for the years that have followed. Listening for the sound of a your sick child is something us Mamas do from day one and when your child grows up and becomes a mother too, you know so much of the journey she will face and your heart aches with her’s every time you learn her child is sick.

I knew Heather and Justice were in for some long nights this week and I felt a deep tenderness and love for them as I thought of them tending their sick little darling. Aren’t those the times, though, that remind us of just how precious the gift of a child is? Doesn’t it deepen and strengthen the bond? We delight in our children when they run and play, and we treasure and cherish them when we hold and soothe them in our arms in times of need.

Oh the precious, precious gift of life, of every single day. May we give thanks for each one, for every breath, every moment we are blessed to share!

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