When we use our words to encourage and build others up, we are doing what is good and right and true. Words can either be used as tools of weaponry or healing, and every moment of every day we get to choose how we will use our words.

Words can also either be deceptive or true, often carrying the power of persuasion. We have such a responsibility to be honest and to use all power available to us in communication and in relationships for the good of ourselves and all those around us.

If one person cannot trust another person’s words, there is a breach in the relationship that cannot be repaired until integrity is reestablished through truth.

At the root of every hurt is some form of deception. The fall of man in the garden of Eden paints a perfect picture of the result of deceit for us. We are to know truth, speak truth, adhere to truth, and live according to truth in all circumstances lest we open ourselves to a fall of our own doing that results in the wounding of many.

May we all lay aside the pride that leads to deceit and walk in humility and truth. It is love that covers sin and God alone who provides forgiveness and restoration for those who choose His way of truth instead of the deceitful ways of the world.

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