Layers of thoughts

Sometimes I have so much on my mind it is very difficult to even begin to write. This is one of those days. Teaching always gets my mental wheels turning as I grapple with how to address teaching in the most meaningful way. I’m also studying the book of Jeremiah in the old testament. I find there plenty of food for thought!

God’s Word is sobering. I can see the reality of Jeremiah’s day strongly alive in my own generation. I have personally witnessed the devastation of sin more times than I can count. The consequences are never good and the evidence of that is both ample and tangible Yet the masses continue to flock to those same old patterns of sin as if asking to get their due. Sometimes I just weep over it all.

I know that often times people are deceived into thinking that sin indeed isn’t sin at all while others knowingly and willfully walk into sin, demanding to go their own way in spite of what they know to be true and the consequences that will follow.

I cannot even begin to imagine the heart of God as He watches from His place on high the many people squandering the good gifts He offers to them. Can you imagine how it would feel to know you have something wonderful to give to someone you love only to have them refuse it when you try to lay it in their hands? Rejection is a horribly offensive and wounding action and it is one our God, our Creator, experiences over and over again. When I look at this truth I am astounded at His grace, His mercies that are new every morning. It makes me want to draw ever closer to a loving God who even after receiving our rejection bids us to return to Him in repentance because His Will is to bless. Oh my, how I thank HIm for HIs grace. I live in hope of seeing more and more people turning to HIm in faithfulness and in love.

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