Sweet words from my son from this morning…

Often times Noah brings laughter to our home and hearts, but this morning what his words gave to me brought even more than laughter, more than words can adequately express.

Noah loves to listen to music in the car and I do as well so many mornings on the drive to school I put on a CD, often Christian music. This morning he was quietly listening, riding in the backseat where he can’t even see my face, but apparently not so far away he couldn’t read my heart.

I was listening and singing,

“Above all power, above all kings, above all nature and all created things,
Above wisdom and all the ways of man, You were here before the world began.
Above all kingdoms, above all thrones, Above all wonders the world has ever known,
Above all wealth and treasures of all the earth, There’s no way to measure what You’re worth!”

As I sang, my heart filled with joy. Just as it was filled to the point where it couldn’t be contained and had to spill in the form of tears from my eyes Noah spoke, “Mama, listen to Jesus songs all day, even while I’m in school, okay…”

Well, there’s just no words to adequately convey the joy of knowing that even a little child can know what the very best is, and the very best is Jesus. Noah was touched, too, by the loveliness and truth, the wonder, the comfort and peace of entering His presence by drawing our thoughts and heart to Him, and he wanted it to last all day. How precious!

What a gift to me this morning, to worship in heart and recount the many blessings that have been a covering for my life and to know my son is coming to the understanding of Jesus and His blessings day by day. My boy wants what’s best for his Mama today just as I want the best for him. Love truly is a beautiful thing!

I often get to laugh at the caring ways Noah expresses his love for me. He has recently been inquiring about “first alert” which he has seen on T.V. It allows a fallen and injured person to call for help by simply pressing a button. He wants me to have one. He asked “what would you do if you fell and Dad wasn’t here?” He then asked “Mom, are you a senior citizen?”

So sweet, so innocent, so funny, and so wonderful, that is my little son Noah and I adore getting to be a Mama to a little one all over again!

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