Getting back to business…

The holidays and the sickness that accompanied our’s has taken me away from my usual routine including taking time to write. So here it is January 3rd and I’m sitting down and searching my thoughts for what I want to say most in the few minutes I have before Riley arrives with Erick and Noah for the afternoon. I guess I would have to say that what has most been on my mind in the past two weeks is the scripture that admonishes us to give the Lord the glory due His Name…

I have prayed over that, wanting so to live in such a way that I give Him the glory due His Name. I recognize so much of that has to do with a heart attitude, a prayerful mind, and a walk that is in Him that requires being ever mindful of what He has given to us in His Word.

He tells us to love Him above all else and to love one another. If we do these two things, then we certainly give Him glory. My old fleshly ways are forever erring from the good path if I’m not daily practicing submission, guarding my heart, my eyes, my ears. I have to be so careful what I allow into my mind or surely the wrong thing will take hold there and before long the wrong things will come out of my mouth and I’ll fail to love Him and others as I’m commanded to do.

It so matters how we talk to and consider each other. I was thinking this morning how easily it is to criticize and judge when in truth it takes all we have, along with His help, in order to keep our own selves abiding in The Way. When I read scripture it amazes me how it simultaneously convicts and encourages me! Only God can do that and He does it faithfully, every time I come to His Word with my eyes open to seeing the Truth.

I am encouraged, even in what seems like such a bleak time, because I can see God’s Hand at work all around me. He is faithful to the very end. He will not leave His children without guidance and strength. He will be our shield, our portion, our provider, healer and protector until He calls us to Himself in eternity. For that knowledge this day, I want to give Him the glory due His Name. Those of us who know Him have so much good to share so let’s joyfully do so in this New Year by walking in the light of His love!

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2 Responses to Getting back to business…

  1. Khalisha says:

    I just wanted to say that you are a truely inspiration person. I have never met anyone quite like you, and it was a pleasure for me to met a person like you. What I mean, is that, you made my day brighter even if you didn’t know that I was having a bad day. You have given me a whole new look on life, and how I need to treat it. You are a true living fact that when God gives you lemons you are so sweet that you just know to make lemonade. I always wondered how to make life so joyful and seeing you just helped me to know that life isn’t just about negs, but just to be positive about being able to just see the day that God has allowed us to see. I know you didn’t know about the feelings that I was having and the emotions that I was dealing with, but you helped me without even knowing and that is what an angel does. You are a truely blessed person and I thank God that I have met you to help me go through the things in my life that I can’t seem to get a grasp on. You are very gifted in what you do and I pray that you and your family continue to be blessed. Thank you for giving me more than I could ever imagne and more.

    • andreastiles says:

      Khalisha, you made me smile. I love having the opportunity to meet and to learn and share with students. It is a blessing and I truly feel called to teach and to write. There is so much good to share and when we love God and we love others we have a great purpose every day to get up and get to work. You are a blessing and I know you are making a positive difference in this world. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and to share your thoughts with me. Much love, Andrea

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