This Christmas…

Is there any better way to spend Christmas than to spend it tending to the needs of those we love? Noah has the flu and I have a touch of it myself, but we are here, nestled in the comforts of home, abounding in blessings from above.

I was thinking, while Erick was leaving to go out to get food…the bills are paid up and the house is warm. There is enough of everything to share. The blessings have been unceasing our whole lives through, and our humble thanks seems way too small an offering compared to what has been given to us.

Before Noah became sick, I had been shopping and cleaning, preparing for Christmas Day. I kept thinking about the many presents we buy and the meanings we can often find behind them if we look closely at what we choose to give.

For example, my sweet baby grandson, Riley, who is now 16 months old can expect to find 2 new pairs of shoes from us, given to protect and hold his precious little feet as they grow. He will find a fleece jacket to keep him warm, to shield him from the wind and cold throughout the long days of winter, and a little soft sweater to wear close to his skin on days he stays inside.

For fun he gets a sit and spin, and to help his little mind develop he will find a neat “little genius” toy made in different shapes, colors, and sizes so he can learn many things at once while he plays.

He will find a coloring book inside his stocking to learn to color in alongside Noah.

And finally, most importantly, a little book about Jesus coming to us in the manger on that long ago wintry night bringing the gift of salvation to a world in need of what only He and His Father could provide.

We tend to all the needs of our little ones as best we can, leaving nothing out, in hopes of providing all that is good and pure, kind and true! Love motivates our desire to give, the thoughts and work too that we pour into making Christmas a peaceful and loving experience for family and friends.

The message of the gifts to our little Riley is this…”I care about every single part of your precious little self and every little detail of your life!” And so it is for all those to whom we give, whether in tangible or intangible ways, it is in essence, the gift of love.

May all be blessed beyond measure by joying in the gift of Jesus as we gather to honor Him and His command to love at this precious time of year!

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