Out of our mess, a masterpiece

I just love it when God gives me words of truth to articulates something I’ve learned over the years but have never found the words to express. That happened to me this morning when I was out early on the drive to take Noah to school. This is what came to mind…with what we can only seem to make a mess, God can make a masterpiece. He is “Elohim” our creator. He can take our lives and orchestrate such wonder and beauty for us to enjoy if we allow Him to lead. It is hard to do though since our flesh so often tells us, through our desires and impulses, to go in a particular direction when God’s Spirit bids us another way altogether.

“His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways”, but He leads us when we attend to His words and follow after Him. I find great joy when I determine to focus on what He gives each and every day. So amazing how He gives us a new day, a new start each morning with new mercies for all that has been and will be. We can begin again and know there is grace for each one of us to embrace!

I’ve often wondered why it seems so much trouble comes around during Christmas time and I’ve even looked at that from a different perspective this season. The very reason Jesus came was to save us from sin, and sin is the source of the worst of trouble. So fitting that when we need hope the most is when it is given, a masterpiece indeed, a perfect plan to save and to redeem us from our mess of sin.

I often think of the difficult circumstances that I’ve endured that were no doubt necessary to cultivate a loving and forgiving heart within me and it helps me to bear the hurt I see in others. When experiences shape and mold us into kinder more loving souls, we can be grateful, even for the most trying of times. I guess it goes back to the scripture that tells us the Lord uses all things for good to them that love Him and are called according to His purposes. It is hard to remember when in the throws of trouble that the Lord can use it for good, but He surely can.

So I’m going to rejoice and be glad in this day the Lord has made and I am going to remember that He came to relieve the suffering we all encounter and there is joy awaiting all who believe and trust in Him!

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