More on hope…

I’ve been thinking about the good plans the Lord has for us, for everyone who is willing to surrender to His will in obedience. He is gracious and long-suffering, but He is still God and He requires us to forego our own way, turn from what we know to be wrong, and follow Him. When we refuse, the going gets rougher and uglier than we ever imagined.

Sometimes I wonder and ponder over what prevents a heart from surrendering to what is good especially after seeing the destruction that is left in the wake of rebellion. Life after life after life is lost to the ravages of sin and yet so many idly stand by and even follow down that same road when a better way beckons them to “come and be blessed.”

Surely every life has troubles and trials but those lived out in obedience to the will of God are shielded and protected from much that others are not.

As I look over the lives of those I know, I take comfort in this truth…as long as there is breath there is hope. I hold firmly to the knowledge that we serve a forgiving God who stands ready to take the reigns from any offering hand at any given moment. Surrendering to Him is the best decision any heart ever made.

I thank Him for calling mine to Himself and offering solace and comfort from every care.

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