Prayer…an act of faith

I have awakened this morning after finishing a very difficult week, one that has drained me emotionally and challenged me mentally in a way unlike any before. There are good things that come from a difficult journey when the journey is traveled while holding onto the unchanging hand of God. Unlike many years in my past, the young years when my faith was being tried, tested, and ultimately built, that I struggled far more alone than was necessary, yet God has used that time to show me His way and that His way is indeed best.

I’ve thought so much about prayer as it comes as naturally as breathing to me these days. When considering the many times throughout the day that I send my heart longings to heaven, I realize I truly am holding continually to His hand.

I don’t doubt He hears. He has taught me that He is always listening to those who not only come to Him in prayer but who also obey what He says and consider His commands in all they seek to do. Indeed, He is there. He listens. He loves, and He answers.

Without faith to believe that He will listen to our prayers, would we utter them? Would we face each new day expecting Him to be there with outstretched arms and attentive eyes and ears?

When I consider all that has changed in me over the last thirty-five years, the greatest and most blessed is that I have learned that I am never, ever truly alone. He walks hand in hand with me each and every day and someday, only He knows when, He will call “Andrea, come home” and then I will go to peace and rest in abundance of joy and gladness to be forever in His holy mountain where there will be no more harm..

Now that is something to smile about.

May all who read this remember that a plan for each life has been penned by the hand of God and we are only to follow Him in obedience and He will handle all the rest.

Prayer…such a wonderful gift of relationship!

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1 Response to Prayer…an act of faith

  1. Robin Sorrow says:

    I really enjoyed reading your blog…great encouraging words…thanks for the recommendation! I will follow your posts…

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