A word on Noah and Riley…

Noah loves Riley and he loves to aggravate Riley. Yesterday after we got home they were running around playing with the puppy. They love to walk him on his leash and Riley frequently shares his snacks with him and mocks him by barking in a high pitched manner adding to the already noisy and jubilant atmosphere in our house.

After they played around for a while I noticed Noah grinning and snickering so I decided to investigate and find out what he was up to. Well, I found out all right! He had hooked the leash to one of Riley’s belt loops effectively leashing the little guy to himself. I immediately unleashed Riley and when I let go of the hook the cord sprung back and hit Noah in the head. Of course that led to Noah needing a little loving and cuddling so here he came and climbed onto my lap.

Upon Riley’s notice that my lap had become occupied, he came over, climbed up onto the couch complaining all the way in his undiscernable baby language. As soon as he was up even with us, he reached over, grabbed Noah by the ear and gave it a hard yank! Then it was on! Right there in my lap the scrapping occurred and then the puppy added to the mix jumping and whining insisting on a piece of the action.

Oh me!!! Another day in the life of Granny 🙂

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  1. Marveda Wilbur says:

    How funny!

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