“His faithfulness stretches to the sky!”

I so love the changing of the seasons and Fall happens to be my favorite one. The crisp cool weather, the vibrant colors, the brisk winds, falling leaves, and brilliant sunny days invigorate me and call me to a life made to be fully lived by each and everyone of us. There is joy to be had and the beauty of God’s creation is just one of many expressions of His great lavishing love for us.

I am always reminded of His faithfulness when after the long, hot, dry summer months a change can be felt in the air and we know He has something new for us yet again. His creation gives us so many opportunities to see His mighty hand at work all around us. A couple of years ago when we were in the midst of a long Summer drought I was out trying to water the thirsty ground with my little old watering hose. I glanced around and saw earth spreading out as far as my eyes could see and I thought of the futility of our efforts apart from His provision. When He doesn’t send the rain, there is not one single thing we can do to cause the skies to open up and shower down what we so desire. We find ourselves in that moment as in all others in complete and total dependence on Him. He alone holds all that we need and He graciously gives it, and often without even a thank you from us.

I literally laughed aloud at the thought of my meager efforts to give a drink to the earth! I just stood there realizing He is able to tell the skies to open up, the rain to fall and at the command of His Word He washes the whole earth. He alone is glorious and wonderful and mighty above our imaginings! No wonder all of “His ways are higher than our ways and His thoughts than our thoughts.” He is after all, Elohim “Creator” and we are His created.

So faithfully He provides. So lovingly He blesses. So abundantly He favors His children. I praise Him with all that I am! May you find a moment to day to “be still and know that He is God” and He alone is worthy of all our praise!

Be blessed!

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