Patience…only found in the presence of the Lord.

I guess of all things I most lack patience. This thought has been on my heart this morning as I’ve struggled within my heart and mind. Last week I read in scripture in Luke 24 about the two men Jesus appeared to and walked with after He arose from the grave. They spoke with him at length not recognizing Him as Jesus, the One of whom they spoke to Him about until after He sat to eat with them and broke the bread and gave thanks. It was then that “their eyes were opened, and they knew Him…” It reminded me of Paul, who before Jesus spoke to him, was a persecutor of Jesus’ followers unknowingly persecuting those who proclaimed the good news of the coming of the Savior. Once Jesus revealed Himself to Saul (Paul) then and only then was Paul converted.

The great mystery remains to me, even as I see it with some understanding, how it is that we are to share the Truth of Jesus yet having the understanding that there remains a work that only God Himself can do. We are unable to convict or to convince anyone of who Jesus is without the Holy Spirit doing the amazing work of removing the scales from the blinded eyes.

I also recall Isaiah being sent to proclaim the truth and yet being told “but they will not hear.” We are commanded to go and to tell the good news knowing all along that we go in obedience to the command and that the perfect work of revelation must come from the Lord Himself.

This morning I had the wonderful blessing again of having my precious grandson in my arms. As I rocked him I came to the precious place again of singing to him the songs about Jesus that are such a comfort and anchor for my soul. I found the same thing to be true that I’ve witnessed time and time again. When I sit down and bring my thoughts and heart to Jesus, close my eyes and begin to sing those sweet old songs I’ve heard sung by believers since my earliest memories, I just settle into worship and the next thing I know the sweet one in my arms is at complete rest and so am I. His Word and His Presence and that alone brings calm and peace in the midst of any storm. I believe when this is shared with children it lays a foundation for them to return to along their journey until they find themselves the older ones bringing their own precious children to the throne of grace in times of need.

May we all be reminded of the sovereignty of the living God today as we walk in obedience to His Word.

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