What matters most!

Just read in 3rd John 1:4 “I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.” I believe I can bear anything that comes my way, in my own life or the lives of my children, if only I can know they are walking in the truth.

I go to the Father in prayer daily on behalf of these precious ones He has blessed me to call my children and ask Him to give them a greater love for Him than all other loves and to give them a desire above all other desires to be pleasing in His sight; to honor Him with their lives. I ask for surrender on their behalves to HIs Ways; this is walking in the truth.

The world puts so many demands on our time and attention, so many possible distractions from what matters most that it is necessary for us to draw away from those distractions and focus on God’s Ways in prayer, in study, and in praise. Sometimes when I feel His presence most intensely is when I’m singing to Him, just alone with Him. He is ever present with me here when I take the time to just come to Him. Sometimes I feel Him tugging on my heart and mind saying “come to me child, and let me bless you!” Just as I would call to one of my hurting little ones, “Come to me. Let me take you in my arms and love you and give you my time, my attention, and my love!” How amazing that the Lord and King of all the earth wants to bless us, to abide with us, to lead and protect, if only we will come. Oh how He amazes me!

I’ve spent time this week with my college students, pouring my heart into them, sharing what brought me to the field of psychology, to becoming a mental health clinician, and to spending time teaching. I thought of how draining it is to teach from the heart rather than to simply share the findings recorded in the textbook which can be so rote and dry. It is necessary to present the information contained in the book, but I fail my students if I don’t bring to life for them the meaning of psychology as it applies to the hopeless and the hurting. I consider that this is simply an intro class, but then I find my heart reminding me this may be the only exposure they will have to this significant subject matter.

Development, life experiences, and human relationships; learning, growing, remembering; grief, loss; health and healing; these are only a some of what psychology seeks to study, understand, and explain. All is pertinent to the lives we live and share with one another. Pretty significant stuff I’d say!

So, I find myself quite reflective and tired as the week draws to a close. I deeply hope I touch the lives of these young folks with truth that matters most in a way that brings honor to the Lord who has called me to this particular place and time. I count myself blessed beyond measure to have the opportunity to both teach and serve my family at the same time.

I was interviewed by a student after class yesterday who needed to interview one of her instructors to fulfill another class’ assignment, and she asked “how did you end up here at Shorter?” I smiled as I thought “give her the truth” so I said “well I had been staying home with my son for 3 years and had just enrolled him in a mother’s morning out program for 2 -3 days per week and had committed to prayer the issue of a return to work. Within a few weeks of beginning that prayer, I received an email from someone at Shorter who had met a former coworker of mine and had mentioned a need for some more psychology instructors, part-time, and my name was given with the comment, I think she might be about ready to do some part-time work again, her son is almost school-aged now.” I had not spoken with that coworker in a long time and had certainly not shared that I was praying about what the Lord would have me do with my time with Noah away in school; so clearly it was answered prayer.

My student interviewer smiled and continued with her questions and in the end shook my hand and said “I’m so glad you came to Shorter.” I carry those words in my heart now and will remember them when I’m grading tests late at night or struggling to manage to get to work on time with a little one to first get to school. It will be one more reminder of what matters most.

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1 Response to What matters most!

  1. Stephanie Davidson says:

    I feel like crying…..this is awesome! I can see myself reading your blogs daily and likening it to a conversation and cup of coffee with you. Thank you for giving yourself away….

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