Love and Loss…Honoring those we have loved and lost by promising never to forget.

I’ve written about my daughter and my first niece and will most certainly write about my second niece, Ruby, my sweet boy, Noah, and my precious grandson, Riley. But first I must not fail to honor in tender love another precious life that so profoundly changed my heart.

There was once a precious boy who touched our family deeply. He only lived a few months under his mother’s heart and a few minutes in his daddy’s arms, but he will forever live in our hearts and minds. We loved him so and celebrated him from the moment we knew he was coming. Never had I considered how profoundly we love before we ever even see our little ones until we experienced this loss. Nor did I realize how compassion transforms us and makes us better, more loving. During our loss, caregivers shared our pain and our tears, carrying our hurts as if they too were our sisters, our brothers, our family.

Only a newborn, a few moments of life, and yet I had a sense that much had been accomplished through him. I realized how much life matters, how precious it is, how valuable every single person is apart from tangible accomplishment.

The value of a human being is inherent, every child is a gift from God to be handled with the greatest love. We must engage those who love and lose in this most difficult way with the utmost sensitivity! To believe the bond is somehow less because the life was brief is to fail to recognize the depth of the connection and the essence of love. I cannot put into words the gravity of the experience or the significance of the changes that occurred in me as a result, but I can say that all human life is precious, is fleeting, and worthy of love; honorable.

I cherish the memory of holding that precious bundle in my arms, of tracing his face with my finger, of kissing his cheek with my lips. I forever hold a picture of him lying in his mothers arms wrapped in a blanket, a perfectly formed little miracle whose life so brief imprinted my heart with a forever love meant only for him. He was unique and special, designed by God like every other child; his life no less meaningful, no less beautiful, and no less significant than any other.

He is still a part of our family. Each time I see my sister and brother-in-law I remember. Every Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday or other family event, without speaking the words aloud, that precious boy is missed. There is a foreverness to love that dwells within, keeping us connected to those we have lost. Our family now shares this as surely as we share the lives of our children who are living each day in front of our eyes.

I will not forget, Little One, I will not forget.

I’ve found comfort in recognizing and accepting the sovereignty of God and believing that His Grace is ever-present, unfailing, and pure. I appreciate the gift of having a sister and brother who allowed me to be with them, to love them, and to share with them this darling little child along with their others.

I pray this tribute to a precious boy will bless all who read it and help us to cherish every moment of every day with recognition of its value.

Written in Honor of Parks Thomas Lewis

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