Happy Moments…get a kleenex!

Do you ever find yourselves in moments you wish you could freeze? I sometimes look into the face of one of my little ones and the love, joy and connection I feel in that moment is so precious I wish I could stay there with them forever.

I look into Riley’s smiling face as he watches Noah playing and I see his developing love for him, and life for me in that moment is so good. Yesterday when Noah said “Mama, I prayed for Riley today,” my heart swelled with a joy too wonderful to describe.

When I look back throughout my life, I remember being a small child, running outside into the grass, wet with due, on soft tender feet and feeling the warmth and seeing the golden glow of the early morning light and the feeling is simple delight. Playing with my sister and learning from watching and admiring all that she did are sweet memories, too! Eliciting a smile or giggle from her was enough to make my day…it still is!

Other moments in time that are captured in my heart are from the many wonderful afternoons I spent with some cute little giggly girls, one was mine and the others I often claimed as my own. Heather and her friends brought such jubilance and happiness to our home. There were large tents erected in the living room floor, so large in fact Erick had to detour through the dining room in order to reach the hallway that leads to our bedroom. The tents were wonderful imaginary places where Heather and Jennifer escaped to in imaginary journeys involving all sorts of stories. I have pictures of them in my hats and scarves from when they were little French girls traveling the countryside.

When I want to remember the liveliest of times, I remember having a spider monkey named Jordan who loved to climb along with her curious brother Jacob over for visits that involved hilarious escapades and adventures, like buying pink feathery pens from antiques shops, finding rotten bananas in Heather’s closet, or sending me on a mad dash to K-Mart to buy a birthday present for Teleena so Jordan would have something to give her…or the loose tooth that became an unbearable annoyance that Jordan demanded I pull at a football game!

Laughter rang out a lot around here in those long ago days and sometimes when the temperatures just begin to cool in the early mornings and late evenings of Fall I can almost hear the sounds of their laughter still lingering out on the porch or in the kitchen while I make lunch for the little one who now calls this place home.

What a blessing children are. How incredibly blessed I’ve been to have the love of children in my life. May our home always be a place all children can call safe and loving; where they know they are welcome; and where their hearts and voices will be heard and handled with loving care!

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