The first time I sent a child off to Kindergarten I was 22. Today I sent my baby to Kindergarten and I’m now 40. What a difference the years have made in me!

I’ve learned there are many seasons in life. Each one presents its own challenges and brings about more change.

We are constantly adjusting and readjusting to the world around us. There are so many opportunities to learn and grow and when we focus on that instead of on the “what if’s” we avoid many pitfalls and heartaches.

Some circumstances in life are simply painful and we have to endure them. Others, though, are often defined by how we frame them. Whenever possible, it is best to focus on the good that can come out of the experience.

I’ve thought so much about delayed gratification. College is one seemingly long and sometimes arduous experience, yet finding the strength and fortitude to persist builds an element of character that is so beneficial over the course of life. Of course, many people build this through other experiences but college is one way to learn to work for the benefit of knowledge that occurs piece by piece over time with no immediate, tangible reward.

It is so important throughout life not to give up. Faith in God for whom all things are possible is the foundation I stand on to face each new day regardless of the challenges.

I’ve thought, too, so many times about how necessary it is to know that the Lord is the healer of broken hearts. This enables us to love others, knowing full well that by choosing to love completely we expose our hearts to the possibility of great suffering. Without knowing Jesus will be there to mend our broken hearts, how can we ever fully love?

Trust has probably been the one greatest challenge of my life. I still struggle with it after having recognized for many years that I have this issue. My initial reaction when I see warning signs of trouble is to put up concrete walls around my emotions, my heart, my thoughts, in an effort to shield myself from what may be to come, but that is not what God’s Word tells me to do. It tells me to keep my eyes on Jesus, to trust completely in Him, to know He is my shield and my protector, my strength and my redeemer.

Ultimately, it is Jesus Himself who holds my heart and my life in His hands. How many times I see in His Word the admonition “Do Not Be Afraid.”

So as I face this new day with my big boy off in school and I remember when my beautiful little blonde haired daughter walked her first steps to school as well, I hold fast to the Words of truth reminding me “Do Not Be Afraid.”

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  1. Sherrie Pridemore says:

    Andrea as I read your words I “hear” your sweet compassionate voice. Trust is SO hard, so hard in fact it is often hard to Trust Jesus! It sure is easier to throw up those steel walls than to let them be penetrated and/or tear them down. Thank you for sharing from your heart. As He has so many times before God has used you to touch me this morning friend.

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